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Thread: wettest drought i can remember

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    wettest drought i can remember

    well since the hosepipe ban in this area it has RAINED and RAINED almost none stop .great news really but it has curtailed a few things at work like mowing the cricket wickets and outfields they look more like rice paddies this am .have a couple of permissions near home and my stalking buddy and i did manage 3 outings in the last week .
    do you guys with your own permissions say sod it and go stalking whatever the weather even really heavy rain ?
    and do folks with stalking booked with a guide go anyhow because maybe you have been looking forward to a booked up stalk for ages and wont get a chance for a while again .
    i know with my buddy's permission we can at least get in a box tower and be reasonably dry and watch the world of the wood go by telly anyhow .
    i took a mate out in heavy rain over easter ,he had really been looking forward to a stalk and i got him on a munty doe and we forgot all about getting soaked ,am i just a numpty or do you get wet as well ?

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    Stalking or Foxing, all done in whatever nature decides to let us have!............... then if we get wet outside, we like to get wet inside, usually with good bitter like Weetwoods or something similar!, just this minute prepping to go spoil Charlie's day / evening, I'm using a technical mix of gasses due to the depth of water outside the house!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    The drought is so bad down here I am thinking of selling the sheep and buying ducks.

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    Heavy persistant rain during a drought? It must be climate change!

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    I've just returned from my first ever stalking trip to Sussex with Sikamalc, and the conditions were perfect... for wildfowling. Yesterday evening was damp, and we did see a few roe, but this morning was all just steady wind and rain. The road back to the station was flooded, and half the trains were cancelled as trees had fallen on the track. As an added irony, all my photos of this season's wildfowling show clear blue skies (and no ducks). I had a great time though, I'll be back at some point when it stops raining!

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    I go out when I can within reason, was out yesterday morning. I have a bit of ground i have not been to for a while and i wanted to show my face so to speak. No expectation of success but got a roe and a muntie buck so worth the effort. The muntie came into a buttalo pheep which is a first for me on a rainy windy day.

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    Went out last week for a fox I'd seen a couple of times. It was fine when I left the van but within five minutes it was banging it down but thought sod it, it was either that or sit and watch crap on tele. Sat in it for over an hour till it was too dark to see. By the time I'd done even my boxer shorts were wet through. Not from getting through my clothes but from running down my neck, soaking my t shirt and then into my trousers.
    Still better than sitting in though.


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    sun has just come out here 7.30 pm quick gotta go

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    Its been very wet for weeks here and i haven't been planning any stalks, i either look out of the window see what the state off play is when the missus wakes me up coming in off nights.
    Or she will give me the nod if its clear when she gets up for day shift, its only a few mins to my stalking but iv been caught out a few times and got soaked.
    The rain has had a big effect on the roe but the wet never seems to bother the red's, if its not too bad i will be away in the morning to see whats about. DF

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