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Thread: Expanding ammo

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    Expanding ammo

    Opinions on this.
    We had a galvanised water tank that we put against are range butts at a hundred yards too see what a .17 fireball would do to the metal tankand what a surprise that the bullet when’t thought both sides with neat holes without expanding after hitting the first side, five rounds fired and five sets of neat holes, 20 grn Remington acca-tips used.
    Question is then when you shoot a rabbit or a fox and crows then you seem to get full expansion and this is on soft tissue and the complete opposite to the hard metal tank.
    What are the thoughts from other shooter? As to why.
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    Just my opinion, but animals aka rabbits and foxes are about 60% water in their composition and water slows a bullet much quicker than virtually any other substance. So perhaps the animals body actually offers more resistance to a bullet than steel?

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    how big was the exit hole?
    probably did expand but remained enough velocity to punch through the other side.

    We used to do this with oil drums and the exit holes were always about 50% bigger than entry

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    In and out same size hole that was the surprize and four of us there were surprized by the outcome, will take hmr and try that and 223 with expanding ammo and see what becomes of that test.

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    You might have more success using a more dense material.
    Look at the ballistic gel tests on youtube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Sniper View Post
    You might have more success using a more dense material.
    Look at the ballistic gel tests on youtube
    +1, ballistic gel or wet phone books. Or a bank of peat. That way, if you set it all up correctly, the bullet should be recovered for analysis. Good luck. JCS

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    Does the round actually expand in small game, or is the damage done by the shock wave?

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    oh god don't mention the "H" word!

    You will have the scary people out of the shadows to tell you it doesnt exist and how foolish you are!!
    Made that mistake when I first found this site! We will just agree to disagree with the naysayers

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    The bullet relies on something to drive it apart. Punching through steel doesn't provide the prolonged hydraulic ram that opens the bullet up like a flower.

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