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Thread: Rain and deer habits

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    Rain and deer habits

    Hello all,

    With the very poor weather recently, I've been itching to get but haven't as the deer are very hard to locate, I assume they stay in cover. (as any SENSIBLE creature would!!)
    What in your experiences are their habits in poor weather and does it vary much from species to species??

    Cheers fellas

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    they gotta eat mate ,just harder to find and harder to shoot when your soaked and misted up ,get out there
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    different species have different habits but generally the deer that live in the woodland margins will remain in cover when the weather is poor and take opportunity to feed from within cover if food is available. If there is very little from within cover they will venture out to feed when there are breaks in the poor weather. They can hang in cover for quite a while and certainly a day or so although there comes a point when they've just got to get out there.

    Some deer like open hill reds aren't bothered about moderately bad weather but if it becomes savage then they get into depressions and lie down in heather or the likes until conditions improve. The best time to really see deer get out of cover is if there's been an unseasonal drope of snow that's hanging in the trees and has started melting with sun on it, you find the deer get out into the margins readily whatever time it is. This is more of an upland Scotland thing but can happen anywhere with the right conditions or just heavy rain followed by sun.

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    Perfect day for wildfowling today!! But ive got little experience hands on with stalking. Although I have read some books!! Graham Downing, has 2 very good books, practical woodland stalking and the stalking handbook..he was saying how he finds them very difficult to locate when raining hard. Seems that deer and many animals know when the tough weather is coming and so eat like crazy. If you live in the Midlands, that means yesterday was the day to get out. It seems they will couch up as much as possible in the driving rain today and keep dry as poss. But as the fella was saying, they have to eat. Personally, based on what I have read, I would wait for a break in the weather and I would expect there to be activity then. Its pretty stormy today and I seem to remember reading that they like the wind even less. Especially on the open hills so couch up somewhere protected. I guess the strong winds are going to eliminate their best sense or at least make things difficult to locate any danger. That and its bloody windy! OK just checked my book.. practical woodland stalking. 'Heavy rain serious drawback. Hard to find anything. Open hill no problem. Woodland, deer will wait, but if extended period of heavy rain, ie days, then they have to feed so get out there and find em. Sun after rain is a blessing'. I cant find the references on wind just now... good luck.

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    I had to work for a couple of hours this morning. Driving the M5 between J23 and J22 i saw two groups of Roe out in the open. It`s blowing a hooley and raining so hard the wipers can barely keep up with it. I`m not sure who was daftest, me or them!!
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    My experience is that heavy rain without very strong winds actually brings them out. It doesn't make sense to me and I'm talking about sika in forestry.

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    definately after a good shower of rain the sika come out to shake themselves and can be a very good time for a shot.

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    Thanks for all the replies, as I thought really. less active but they still have to eat! And sun after rain is great, I always try to get out then!!


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    might not be any sun after the rain today... but I have a feeling ive seen it before.. enjoy.

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    went out yesterday after fallow. they were out in the rain and didnt seem at all bothered. thursday evening last week was dry but with a cold wind and i didnt see anything. i have always thought if i dont fancy the weather then the deer wouldnt either. yesterday proved me wrong though. just a shame i hesitated just long enough for the buck in front of me to disappear

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