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    Good service

    I know this is not stalking related but this is general discussion. Last week I had trouble with my pistol loading ammo, so decided to give the tunnel range in Dorset a ring as they built it, as I was going down that way I said I would call in, on arrival they said they were short staffed and a member would take us for some coffee, we had coffee and a chat ( an those who no me will wonder how they got a word in ). The pistol was then serviced replacement parts fitted and tested, still no joy, the font of knowledge on 1911s was then rang (apparently the chief constable of Dorset, why can,t he be in Hampshire ) he said he thought he knows what's wrong with it, but could not do it till Monday, so they will send it to my rfd when he fixes it. What was the cost of this ?
    Nothing ! but appologise for not fixing it, and some free goodies.

    Not such a good story at sportsmans Dorset, the first salesman obviously though we were a hinderance to his day as I asked for the best price on a beat up old 6x42 swaro, he informed me that as a individual If I bought one privately I could not send it back if it broke, as I would be arrested by customs for exporting a scope over 6x mag, and as they had overpaid for it that was the price.
    Alas the day was saved by another rep who seemed to like customers and sold my mate a s&b pm11. Alas I was so pxxxxd at the first rep I gave it a miss, I have had good service from them at paigton and Newport and shall not go back to Dorset again.

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    "arrested for exporting a scope over 6x mag"
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    If I bought one privately I could not send it back if it broke, as I would be arrested by customs for exporting a scope over 6x mag
    Where on earth did they dream that one up from

    Your story is a perfect example of how the little things that you do for or to the customer can make or break a reputation, and how it is not just the immediate customer you affect but also all those they tell.

    The growth of the internet has brought real benefits, in that it let's people access a huge market and sources of information that previously they never could have reached, but the flip side is that any complaint can also reach that same huge market just as effectively. Sadly you can't have one without the other.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Where on earth did they dream that one up from
    They didn't. It is, more or less, correct, though it seems the SGC muppets haven't quite got the facts straight.

    You cannot export a riflescope of greater than x4 magnification from the UK without an export permit. They are now regarded as dual-use i.e. civilian/military technology. Doesn't matter if you are a private individual or otherwise, it is a criminal offense.

    Likewise NV or thermal apparatus.

    Bunging a battered Swarovski x6 in the post to Austria for repair would break the rules. Or even just crossing the channel with it.

    People have been arrested and jailed for this. Though the big case involved a chap trying to send Schmidt and Bender PM 'scopes to Iran

    Of course the UK agents have the necessary licenses in place to ship their stuff to and fro for warranty work.

    But most UK agents will not touch unofficial imports for warranty or repair work, why should they ?

    SGC bring in a lot of "grey" stuff, bypassing the UK distribution chain. If they haven't applied for appropriate export licenses, then they will have no way of sending it back to overseas suppliers for warranty or repair work. Speculation.

    One outfit who have got their ducks in a row are: Purchasing a riflescope which requires an Export Licence

    Most UK companies can't be bothered with the hassle, and will not mail-order a x4 scope abroad.

    The exception is for EFP holders, who may personally take a 'scope, mounted on a rifle, to any of the countries not specified in paragraph as long as it is a type for sporting or recreational use.

    By the way, although Tanzania and Uganda are listed as forbidden, there is currently an open license to allow sporting firearms to be taken there.

    The USA started all this and have even tighter rules. If you are considering bringing back a suitcase full of cheap 'scopes or other forbidden fruit, maybe think again.

    This does not constitute a legal opinion or advice, or anything really at-all

    I hope this helps.

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