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Thread: Bino advice

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    Bino advice

    Hi guys

    Lookings for sum advice, want a foot pair off hunting binos for woodland stalking, think 8x40ish should be fine!! Looking to spend between 500-700 possibly up to 1000 at a push!! Any ideas??

    Cheers rob

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    canny go wrong with Swarovski's. I just use 7 x 42 slc for the forestry. Their nice to hold good weight and brilliant in low light, All I've really used for the last 15 years is swarovski.

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    I love Swarovski. Macleods doing so good deals secondhand and ex demo.

    For most eyes, technically not a great deal to choose between the big three - Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss. But each are a bit different and some just suit an individual better than others. well worth getting a look through before choosing.

    Without decrying or wishing to start ( continue? ) an argument with others who have a different view, you will in the long run get much more out of one of the big three than some of the mid price ranges - my personal view. Others have just as valid opposing views.

    Up here, the majority of professional stalkers use Swarovski and that is not all down to just slavishly following fashion.

    Mentioned in another bino thread, I have suggested a rating system based upon how much time a client spends actually using their binoculars - on that basis, the big three win and Swarovski wins overall.
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    +1 on the above

    With that budget, also think secondhand. Give Gregor at Macleods of Tain (R. Macleod Rifle Dealer, Tain) a call or try Ace Optics (Binoculars - Optics: Secondhand & Used At Ace Cameras) or Kay Optical ( I have no relationship with the above other than being a satisfied customer in the case of the first two.

    As well as Swaro also look at Leica or Zeiss. Any of the Big Three will keep you happy, plus you can always recoup your investment if you decide to sell them on. If possible, try them first, as the ergonomics of each are different and will suit different people differently!

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    If you can have a look at the new Zeiss CONQUEST HD's the 8x42 has a retail price of 700. They are a fantastic pair of binos and will give much more expensive binos a very good run for the money. You should see some write ups on the in the shooting press shortly as they were only released very recently.

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    This is always a very tricky situation as it is difficult to know what way to jump. If you go with top end glass, especially if you can buy well second hand, then there is no question that you will, in all probability, get your money back should you ever sell and you will get to use top end glass while you have the binos. So, total cost of ownership will be low assuming you do sell at some point. On the other hand there is some very good glass in the mid-tier stuff and my view is that if you pick carefully it will do everything you require as a stalker. When you think about it there are some simple tests shooting magazines could do. that would cost virtually nothing, to determine which bino is better at last light - stick up a newspaper in the evening and using different binos record the time when you could no longer read the headline. The fact that they don't do this test should tell you something, especially in view of the advertising budgets of the first tier optics companies. While there is no question that they offer great service and wonderful magazine adverts my position is that their glass doesn't always offer you a practical advantage as a stalker, in fact my experience has been that their glass isn't always the best.

    I use Minox HGs and can see more than enough out of them to go stalking in commercial forestry for sika that only emerge in the last few minutes of legal shooting light and so I simply don't need any more. I especially don't need to pay for the massive marketing machine associated with some other brands as I suspect the deer will never know about this feature but, as I've said, someone buying your binos from you after a few years will know and pay for this.

    The other point I will make is that for the professional stalker the additional level of service provided by the top tier brands may well make it worthwhile to pay the extra 1000 for the binos as he may depend upon them for his income. If I was using mine professionally then I'd probably pay the extra cash just for the peace of mind. The service offered by the second tier companies is more than good enough for most recreational stalkers when viewed in a calculating way plus the money saved would pay for a week at hinds.

    Having looked through a few pairs of binos recently I have reached the conclusion that the recreational stalker would probably be well served by the various second tier binos which are often recommended on this site as, quite simply, paying another 1000 is not going to allow him to see anything more or get him another deer. However, we all like nice "stuff" and recently I've been using a Fallkniven F1 which, being honest, doesn't gralloch deer any better than a Mora but I like it and if you are spending that sort of cash on binos then be sure to get something you like no matter what I, or others, think would do the job just fine for you.

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    Thanks for the advice guys,

    i have narrowed it down to the Zeiss conquest 8x30's which are reduced to 400, zeiss conquest 8x40's which are 700, Swaro CL 8x30's which are 750???

    i also seen a great deal on bushnell elite HD 8x42's reduced to 359 from 749? are these any good or are they reduced to this price for a reason.

    i no i should stick to euro glass but just seemed a very goof deal on the bushnells??

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    Zeiss Conquest or Kahles. In sporting press reviews I see that the testers can't see any diffrence between the Conquest and other Zeiss bino's. We speak about a diffrence to the naked eye not in a laboratory. Big advantage they are very light. Kahles have always had the reputation of using the same lenses as swarovski here on the continent. True or not true?

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    Heading towards the zeiss at the moment, would the 8x30 be suitable for some forrestry work 50-300 yards? would it gather good light or am i better paying the extra money and carrying the extra weight for the 8x40's??

    or the swaros's???lol

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    Swaroski. I have 8x30 and they are great. I am sure the larger ones are better, they are also more expensive and more to carry!

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