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Thread: Crowning - Where ard how much?!

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    Crowning - Where ard how much?!

    Hi all,

    After leaving my moderator screwed on my .243 Sako 85 Varmint for a matter of just a few days i'm surprised at how quickly it seems to have pitted around the muzzle. I wouldn't normally be overly concerned at this, just a bit annoyed that my lazyness has quickly spoiled the look of the barrel; however on closer inspection there is a pit right on the end of one of the rifling lands. While i doubt its going to throw bullets enough to hinder my stalking, I'd like to have the barrel re-crowned for my own piece of mind when foxing.

    The barrel is obviously screw cut for a moderator, so the question is can it be re-crowned without having to cut extra thread externally bearing in mind the only pitting i can see is right on the very tip of a rifling land? While its having some work done I also thought about having the action fiberglass bedded at the samed time.

    Can anyone recommend a good rifle specialist in West Norfolk who does this sort of work, and at what cost? I know the Woods' at Swaffham and Ovington know their trade better than most, but I thought I would ask on here if there is an independant outfit nearby who specialises in this sort of work?

    Many Thanks,

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    Go and see Mike Norris of Brock and Norris he'll sort your rifle out for you at a reasonable cost

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    Many thanks for your suggestion. While he may be very good I'm afraid Shropshire is too far for me. Hopefully someone knows of someone in my area.


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    TNT is circa 20 GBP, you could have it sent to anyone you wish.

    Re crown will not remove anymore than a few thousanths of an inch unless the pitting is excessivly deep on an 11 degree crown.

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    cant you buy recrowning tools and do it yourself?
    Seem to remember watching a Midway video or something similar.

    its a polish at best on most occasions

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post

    Then theres the lathe to buy that you need to do it properly.....

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    or you could just use a dome headed steel screw in a pillar drill to re crown the barrel it realy does work !!!


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    Riflecraft not based down there ?

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