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Thread: Hi from Wicklow

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    Hi from Wicklow

    Hello all,
    I'm from Wicklow (the hilly county south of Dublin in Ireland). Stalking a few years now and just about lucky enough to manage the time to take the all too ocasional animal. I'm als a keen fly fisher and game shot.

    All my stalking to date has been in County Wicklow which is sika capital of Ireland. There are also a few fallow on my home gound. I seem to spend more time getting habitat into shape than stalking lately as I am working on a small neglected mixed plantation which will hopefully pay dividends. It's worth the effort I think as it's only 200 yards from my back door. A couple of years hard work will hopefully provide decades of quality sport.

    Hopefully there are a few woodland owners here to share a few tips on the general discussion forum.

    Looking forward to chatting!

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    Welcome Fiery, I am sure you will enjoy the forum plenty of diverse topics.

    It would be good to see a few threads on habitat etc.


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    welcome fiery brown i,m up in n.ireland iv,e only been stalking 1 year ,wev,e got very few derr around here i get a few days out in,r very lucky having such good ground on your doorstep.
    you will find this forum very helpful and if you have any guestions just ask and someone will know the answer.
    all the best,the scudd

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    hi and welcome on board fiery brown , From the emerald isle myself , though it way up north,,
    i agree with doghound , would like to see a few threads on habitat, Have a little bit of ground i can shoot close to home,, a few reds pass through now and again, i would really like to know how to maximise its potential..
    talk soon ,,McStalk

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. Neglected to mention I shoot .243, .17hmr & 12ga. I have a black lab 2 years up to my simple standards on pheasants but also keen on deer scent. I wish I'd kept some deer blood in the freezer but lots of time for her to learn.

    This forum is a real mine of info.

    Off to the general discussion forum with details of my exploits in the woods.

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