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Thread: Whats your worst miss ?

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    Whats your worst miss ?

    I will start the ball rolling . Looking down a ride , i could see two Fallow feeding . I dropped prone and off my bipod took a easy heart/ lung shot at 50 m . At the report the deer ran and continued to run two fields untill i lost sight of them .It wasnt a hurried shot, and to this day i can never understand how i missed ?

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    Fox at 40m with a .243. Broad daylight. No wind. Fox sat still, unaware of me. Unhurried shot from sitting. Fired. Fox looked almost nonchalantly to it's right, stretched and trotted off with what I swear was a disdainful air.

    Was so confused by the miss, immediately set off to get kit for zeroing. And there was nothing wrong. Later same morning hit a roe buck dead on from kneeling at 150 m.

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    A fox at about 35 yards standing looking straight at me. A very accurate rifle with a S&B on top did not help at all. I yanked the trigger and missed up the side...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    they are all bad ,probably my first shot at a red stag 120 m animal size of a house clean miss asked the guide to club me to death

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    Well it goes like this i never missed a shot all my life. So i suppose the worst miss was not going out shooting.
    I have been shooting for over forty years and have not met any body that has.
    Its the same story as the one that got away. HOW BIG.

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    WORST MISS? I suppose the answer is EVERY MISS . I know it feels like it every time i mess up !


    PS sorry to answer my own thread

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    I miss my ex wife. I'm a keen fisherman and she had worms!!

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    Dragging a fallow out of a very rutted ride with the rifle unloaded on its sling, looked up to see a buck in the distance with a plastic bag wrapped into its antlers, got told to shoot it, rushed reloading ,dropped a round, got flustered, over estimated the range and shot clean over its back. No comment was made but God the Look.

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    there cant be many who have not missed,it dont make much sense when we do,when we shoot at paper the groupings would never suggest you would miss an animal completely,ive missed a handful of charlies over the years at various ranges,put a target up at 400yds and get 3 shot 1.5 inch group,no sense

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    The day I shot the foot off my bi pod after getting up and not putting it away properly before leaning against a tree, it took me till the next time I used it to figure out what had happened as the rubber foot was broke.

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