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Thread: One for local Matt

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    One for local Matt

    Saturday afternoon saw more rain but Matt came up anyway .Martin was invited too but the weather put paid to his trip im guessing . We set off about 5 to get to a place that ive not stalked all season but seen the odd doe when lamping. The weather really was rank ,driving rain and a gale force wind but like true soldiers ,on we went .Not long into the stalk ,I asked Matt to look around a gateway and he motioned that there was a buck lead up under the far hedge and about 150yds away .I moved forward and glassed him seeing that he was fully clean and an odd shaped head ,lopsided .There was no way we were going to get any closer from where we were so i took Matt back to the farm and approached from another field that would take us to a gateway and a nice shot of no more than 70 yds prone .Worked perfect and we were soon in position glassing this youngster .Matt moved forward to get some height over the long grass without the buck seeing and was just about to neck him when he lurched forward to stand .Good job he never snatched the trigger as it could have been nasty but Matt is more experienced than that. Lately ive had some very good luck with backstops and today was no exception with a good earth bank behind him now and he was soon grassed with a neat heart shot

    Went from here to another spot recently obtained and stalked the headland of two very big fields .Didnt have any any expectations as the weather was atrocious now but down in the far right corner there was a buck thrashing the hedge ,a very good buck as it happened .We both froze to await events as we were no more than 70 yds from him and Matt said hed pass it up regardless as he really was good beast in body weight and head size ,the mark of a gentlemen in my book .The thrashing stopped and we watched as he came towards us ,nearly in summer coat and he just disappeared over a ditch edge into a deep gulley and away without knowing we were there .One to look for another time for sure .A long the hedge further was where he had been marking territory ,an impressive scrape that he was no doubt adding to.

    Back towards the truck we were treated to not one but three munties charging about in a hedge ,a doe ,a buck and a youngster but who was chasing who wasnt apparent as they continually dashed back and forth.The buck would have been shot had he stood still but we watched them until the light faded before making a move home

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    You 'Soldiers' done well,and I couldn't come over mate as the family turned up sorry mate I should of bad.

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