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Thread: Ithaca Shotgun 12 / 20 Part 1 / SC any barrel, any condition

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    Ithaca Shotgun 12 / 20 Part 1 / SC any barrel, any condition

    I'm looking for Ithaca pump action shotgun, any bore, any barrel, any condition.
    Kind Regards

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    I see there is one for sale on gunstar, hope this helps.


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    I think that one gone, still looking.
    Kind Regards

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    Apex Firearms in Glasgow normally have a few in stock.

    A mate also has one on commision sale in the Gunshop -East Barnet, or did have. May be worth a call to Joe about it...this one was one of the batch from VietNam brought in about 20 years ago...ex-US issue riot guns with the barrels extended to the 24" legal length.

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