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Thread: Friday Morning stalk

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    Friday Morning stalk

    I decided to head out on Friday morning to see if I could get a couple of bucks from 4 that I have been watching for the last two weeks.These boys were always showing at last light in the field to the rear of where I have a high seat positioned but buy the time they decided to come out it was always too dark to take a shot. Due to this I thought that I would head out early in the morning to see if I could locate them in the area and possibly get a shot.

    I got up at 0400 had a coffee and headed of for the 15 minute drive to the selected area as I wanted to get into the high seat and get settled before it got too light. I was in position at about 0500 and started to scan the area, sure enough they were in roughly the same area grazing in the field but were too far away to get a good shot. I thought I would wait a bit as I was sure that as it started to get light they would move closer to me on their way to the woodland. As I was watching them slowly moving down towards the wood line I was surprised to see two Muntjac run from my left in the direction of the Roe, something had flushed them and in turn they startled the Roe who then headed south through the woods and across a stream at a very fast rate not even stopping to look back once.

    I decided to get out the seat and see if I could pick them up again but was sort of resigned to the fact that I probably had my excitement for the day. I headed of in roughly the same direction that the Roe had taken thinking to myself that I was quite lucky as the wind was hard and in my face, hopefully the wind would mask any noise that I made and as long as I kept it in my face they would not wind me.

    I eventually did find them again they had split into pairs and were once again grazing in an open area which gave me an excellent safe back stop to take the two which were on the right at about 70 yards away from me. I had plenty of time as they had no idea what so ever that I was back on to them so I set up the tripod and then stood and watched them from the edge of the woodland that I had just stalked through. I observed them for about 10 minutes and was quite happy with the two that I was going to take, The smaller one (yearling) was to be first and if the bigger boy presented me with a shot he would be next. I got the rifle in the tripod and waited until I was able to get a good shot on to both beasts. I took the yearling and he dropped on the spot, quick reload and I could see that the other was shocked and hesitant so I took him and he bolted for about 30 yards and dropped. On moving out to them I found that they had both been well hit and dead where they lay. I was of course a very happy chappy and got on with the gralloch. Sorry about the quality of the pic as it was taken on my phone.

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    The beasts were prepared and in the truck ready for the 30 minute drive down to the game dealers, all in all a successful day.
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    Nice read blunderbust and congrats on the bucks!

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    Great report blunderbust, thanks for sharing!!

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