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Thread: Aetec CMM4 thread question.

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    Aetec CMM4 thread question.

    Dear all

    Does anyone know if the CMM4 model is available with a spigotted thread fitting?

    I have looked on their website and all I can see is non spigotted sizes.

    Anyone out there have one with a spigotted fitting?

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Jon,

    I think you're asking about the ATEC Maxim? The CMM4 is an end of barrel mod.

    Sorry if I have the wrong end of the stick
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    Hi Eric

    No it is the CMM4 I am asking the question about and not the Maxim.

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    For a Blaser? A couple of guys on here have them on Blasers so yes, you can get the threaded section with spigot.

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    It's not for a Blaser Alex but I didn't know Blasers come with a spigotted thread.

    Think you have answered my question then. Thanks.

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    Sat with importers price list in front of me.

    A Tec CMM4 available with or without spigot in M14x1mm and M15x1mm.

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    Spot on Andy.

    Many thanks.

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    They are available in spigotted threads, but a limited range.

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