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Thread: Very rare 6.5 x 68s RCBS Dies

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    Very rare 6.5 x 68s RCBS Dies

    RCBS 6.5x68S Dies and Brass
    A set of little used RCBS 6.5x68s Dies and 31 once fired cases for sale. Includes shell holder and die for lee hand primer. 45 posted

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    Are these dies still available!

    Mark I.

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    Yes they are. PM me if you are interested


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    if you would take 35 posted I'll take them, what make are the cases??



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    Still seeking a good home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old tikka View Post
    30 anyone?
    what cases are they? and can you guarantee once fired (ie. what is your history with the cases procurement, did you use them yourself?)

    could be convinced at the right price in the off chance I build one in the future!

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    Now sold. They were RWS cases and yes I fired them

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