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Thread: man allows dogs to savage deer

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    man allows dogs to savage deer

    Hi folk just bin readin tele text on BBC in the North East & Cumbria region ( sorry dont no how to put the link on ) & some b*s*a*d of a low life guy has allowed his three dogs savage a pregnent deer. Some guys gave chase but he dissapeared. Hope he gets the punishment that im think in of.

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    Would that be a large dry Pineapple then?! Tis what he deserves...

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    sounds like he was out hunting to me i feel that using the emotive issue of its pregnant wont bother most on here after the replies on the extended season thread but hey i might be wrong.
    What sould some one do if there dogs attact a deer its ne for the law to deal with.

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    Talking as a livestock farmer, once a dog has tasted blood in a scenario like that, it'll never be safe around deer and stock again.

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    I did think it could have been Davie but he ran away so I guess not!

    It may have been his side kick domestos though

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