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Thread: Positioning highseats

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    Positioning highseats

    Mate and i where out yesterday erecting a few highseats

    As you can see some very suitable sites.......
    On this last picture, the large trees on the left are the neighbouring property,with the boundry fence 2or3 meters from the trees,the syndicate that shoot this ground have a highseat positioned overlooking the open ground, it seems like a waste of a seat to have it looking over someone elses ground and could even be very tempting....

    Anybody have similar or any thoughts...

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    Looks nice ground. Do agree seems a waste and very tempting.

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    great pics. whos that up the highseat lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda16 View Post
    great pics. whos that up the highseat lol
    Im not in a position to give that sort of info......

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    Nice Pictures Tony mate,I hope the high seats come up trumps for you.
    atb john.

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    hi tony need your help this wkend if pos cheers

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