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Thread: Hours per culled deer

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    Hours per culled deer

    All of the members involved in deer management, not stalking for gain or recreational purposes, but those involved with the woodland grants, how many hours per deer does it require to maintain your cull figures on average. deerwarden.

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    For me personally without guests etc 1.5hrs per cull on average including lardering

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    I'm obliged to put in 52 x 8 hour days (or 104 half days at 4 hours) on the estate next to yours to satisfy the WIGS. Last year I culled 53 deer over there so almost exactly 1 deer per day. I'm not a great fan of having to put in a fixed amount of time as I know I could achieve pretty much the same result in a lot less visits! For instance, last year I culled 30 deer in just 15 days on the same estate. I believe that i am probably shooting more than I should be as I am now effectively having to adopt a 'shoot on sight in season' policy which isn't necessarily good deer management. However, there still seem to be deer about and the woodlands are regenerating extremely well with a relatively low impact score so i suppose we must be doing something right?!
    Other areas I manage nearby under the WIGS is a similar approach with similar results although i can only do a couple of hours each visit due to public access with them being nature reserves!
    I hope this helps.

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