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Thread: A good weekend in D&G

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    A good weekend in D&G

    Not much of a story really, headed up to D&G on Friday, went to a new syndicate that im in and spent a few hours learning the lay of the land opposed to serious stalking. I did however see 3 does and 2 bucks, one of which was very good but obviously on the ball and sloped off into the trees before i could get inside 200yds. The other buck i did bag, he was only a small 4 point youngster in velvet. He dropped on the spot with a high lung shot using 140gn Accubonds. Ive had the dog with me all weekend and had her out stalking in anger for the first time. She responded well, walking pretty much at heel with a wee bit of encouragement and also didnt run in when spotting deer or at the shot. I sent her out to find the deer and praised her when she did. It was as rewarding as shooting the deer!

    After stalking on Friday eve i drove across to Moniaive to meet up with some guys on Saturday for a long range plinking session, was lovely weather throughout the weekend with plenty of sun and not a great deal of wind although it was a cold NE'ly. We shot targets out to 600yds with pleasing results and plenty of banter to boot.

    I headed out onto another bit of land on Saturday PM and worked extremely hard to find deer, looking at all west facing slopes and clear fells, nothing prevailed from this. At last knockings i bumped into a roe buck, who hadnt seen me. I had glassed a glade for a good minute and was about to head back to the car when the dog showed interest, when i looked back at the glade and there he stood. Must have just stood up. Up on sticks and wallop. He ran about 40yds up into the wood so gave it a few minutes and then sent the dog out for it. She worked towards the strike and then like a heat seeking missile followed up the blood trail to the deer. A clean heart shot. Another small buck. Saffy was proud as punch, same as me. Its only early days for both me and the dog but she seems to have promise, i just need to focus it in the right way.

    Had a few beers in the evening on Saturday and a good catch up followed by a leisurely start back to the rainy and windy north yorkshire! Weekends like this one dont get much better for me i have to admit!

    More pics to follow when photof*ckit gets its act together!!
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    sounds like your getting a few mate.

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    yeah, only had 3 bucks this season so far, work keeps getting in the way! You about up here this week?

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    yes i may be there in the morning it all depends on the river height a 6 am

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    good luck! if i dont see u i will leave wonga with Mark

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    great read,
    glad it all worked out sounds very good with the dog,atb wayne
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    Looks like you're all waiting for the taliban to come over the hill in the fourth picture, is their maybe one or two I would recognise in the said pic Ben.

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    i told you ,you would do well on your new shoot ,just wait for the reds to come in season ,the rutting ground is only 500 yards away from the buck you shoot .nice pic's ,will after catch up for a pint some time.

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