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Thread: Another disappointing stalk near dumfries

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    Another disappointing stalk near dumfries

    I have been heavily walking my new permission of 500 acres of forestry. I am on my tenth visit so far in about 5 weeks and I still have not seen any bucks, only seen about 8 does. Seen plenty of droppings. I'm thinking of getting a trail cam to see if what there is about as I know that a past syndicate member took 10 roe off it last year which was a bit excessive. I don't k ow what too do next apart from waiting until doe season.

    Any suggestions folks?

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    Walk it at night without the gun. The lamp will find them quicker than a trail cam.

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    Have you tried sitting and waiting for something to move? My bucks are not moving very early, probably after 8am. The does are moving earlier- first light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Have you tried sitting and waiting for something to move? My bucks are not moving very early, probably after 8am. The does are moving earlier- first light.
    Agree, I saw 7 does (2's and singles) yesterday (Sunday) before I eventually spotted two wee bucks. The does were there at first light out in the frosted grass feeding furiously.

    On Saturday I heard a couple of barks at 12:30pm as I was setting up to test a load. I thought a dog walker was about to appear, so I kept a good eye open, but no-one appeared. About 20 minutes later as I was sat in the car marking up a target, I noticed a buck in velvet standing about 30 yds away looking straight at me. He was clearly annoyed that someone was on his patch. I will catch up with him another day.

    Regards JCS
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    I suppose to a certain extent that is stalking. I would be inclined to cut back on the heavily walking the ground. Very possible that you are heavily but not intentionally disturbing the ground as well. Pick one of the areas where you have seen fresh droppings, get yourself an advantage point/high seat and wait/watch. As said by others first light is not always best but getting into your high seat before first light to wait usually is. Learning your ground and it's residents takes time and patience. 500 acres is not a huge piece of ground but don't try and walk it all in the one go - you will miss so much.

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    i think the other guys have said it all really on my new piece i definately saw the does early doors . maybe thats nessesary in the condition they are in at the moment . the thing i looked for was a source of food and where the sun rose first they are not daft and will want to warm up as quickly as possible. i go to friends ground abit in scotland and they seem to move quite abit later than my roe at home but again it might just be to do with the weather. i also think bucks tend to stick to cover alot more this time of year as food is available in the woods not sure on anybody elses thaughts are on that,atb wayne.
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    If the previous lease holder has shot out the Buck population, you head of does should draw in some Bucks later in the year.
    Selective shooting of yearlings should be encouraged to balance population if need be

    Hope you start seeing more



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    You mention seeing does. At this time of year, I sometimes stalk into a doe and then either sit and watch or get the rifle on the 4 sticks and stand and watch. There's often roe there that you haven't seen. I remember one morning sitting watching 2 does for about 20 minutes and I was just about to get up and move, when I noticed a buck about 30yds from me just tucked in under the edge of the canopy. I shot the buck off my knees.

    Good luck. JCS

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