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Thread: golf course

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    golf course

    I have large golf course to control rabbit numbers on i dont have an air gun but do have a .22 rifle. i have a open fac and the golf course are happy for me to use it. there a backstops everywhere as the land is very hilly and i would not be shooting towards built up areas. would i be okay to use my ? the .22. its falkirk golf club is anyon knows the area?

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    I shoot over a couple of golf courses,

    the hardest part is getting out when there are no golfers.
    they seem to play in the dark.

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    Mark you have an open FAC so it is really up to you to ecide whether it is safe to use the .22, As bobt right states golf courses seem to be frequented by golfers at all hours and you also get young lads searching about looking for golf balls. Last week I drove past a local golf course just as the light was coming in and noticed a foursome standing on the first tee. Lamping may be an option but I'd be very careful.

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    I shoot on a golf courses,
    I have permission to shoot after daylight hours prior to phone call to course manager
    + have insurance ( i got BASC)

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    I used to do the rabbit control on a golf course but eventually gave it up as a bad job! People would pop up all over the place at all sorts of odd times including the middle of the night.
    I remember having a go at someone well after dark. he turned out to be a member who regularly walked his dog there at all hours when he finished work. As has been said already, carry on but be careful.

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    I cover a number of courses and a sports centre/rugby club.
    So long as everyone is aware and happy with the use of .22 (explain in words of one syllable so there is no confusion!)
    I notify the police EVERY time, so they know exactly where I am.
    I only ever go between 10pm and 2am, I use a night sight to ID and spot any wandering drunks, dog walkers, shaggers (none so far!) and of course rabbits. walk in to suitable firing point, lamp on, splat, lamp off.

    My preference is not to be seen at all, by anyone. its usually a public right of way anyway, they have just as much right to walk dogs in the dark as you do to shoot the bunnies.

    Its up to you to decide if the shot is safe.
    I tried a PCP air rifle but in places I just cant get within 40 yds and then the shot is at the limit of where i feel happy it will kill immediately.
    I have a .17M2 but its a toss up between the noise and a frangible ricochet-less round and noise complaints.....and silence and having to take a few less shots to guarantee a backstop

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    By the way, the bunnies will be used to golf buggies,

    see if you can borrow one. you can almost catch them with a landing net.

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    Thanks for the advice. i am a member of this golf course and i have made myself known to the golfers so i have no problem that way they are all happy for me do to this especialy the green keepers. i just wanted to make sure my opion of the law was correct.

    the golf course is great fun had another 12 last night
    the rabbits dont seem to bother about me or my dog.

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    I also shoot 22rimmy on a couple of golf courses with no problems so far. Have fun and make the most of your lamping, it doesnt take them too long to become "lamp-shy". They seem to be off like a rocket as soon as the lamp is on them on mine!!
    The diamond pattern jumper is optional by the way.

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    i use a red filter on the rabbits now. seems to make a difference as they will sit there a lot longer whilst i shoot all their mates

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