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Thread: First ever job interview!!!

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    Thumbs up First ever job interview!!!

    Just had a phone call and i've been invited for a job interview on Thursday!
    Its the first job i've applied for and it will be the first job interview i've ever had!

    Feeling slightly nervous - to say the least!!!

    The closing date was last friday and there are 3 people in for interview including me!

    Anyone got any top tips???


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    Do as much research as you can on the company / job you are going for, prior to interview.

    Hair cut / suit / clean shave etc etc etc.

    Eye contact when speaking to interviewers. Speak slow (well, not fast !) and confident.

    Good luck


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    You're interviewing them as much as they are you. Have some pertinant questions ready to ask them. If your going to guild the lilly keep it as close as the facts as you can but don't out and out lie. Research the company so you know what they are about. Above all try to relax and apear to be relaxed. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the info guys!
    Its completely different from what i've done before (armed forces) and its a countryside job!
    Was given the info on the job vacancy by widows son - cheers Bob!!


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    Be yourself, if they dont want YOU its their problem. Far harder to pretend to be a different person than you really are.

    + all that has been said above. Finally, be on time!

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    all i can say is be confident but not overly and sell yourself to why you are the person for the job , in this day and age alot of people going for jobs but you have to stand out from the rest.
    good luck wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigievarkiller View Post

    Do as much research as you can on the company / job you are going for, prior to interview.

    Hair cut / suit / clean shave etc etc etc.

    Eye contact when speaking to interviewers. Speak slow (well, not fast !) and confident.

    Good luck


    1. Take a written list of your questions - Duties, responsible to who, hours etc.

    2. Ask when a decision will be made by.

    3. After that decision date 'phone in and ask for news. If you are unsuccessful ask for feedback as to why. This is not sour grapes it is constructive for your next interview. Phoning in shows that you follow things up and are keen.

    Good luck (and let us know!)
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    Also, they are going to ask you questions and they will try and test you, so you are likely not to know one or two of the answers. That's not a problem, if you don't know the answer, say so and explain how you would go about finding out.

    To an employer, a mindless robot that knows perfectly a limited number of answers is no good. Someone who can think around a problem and make a start on solving it: now that is nouse worth having.

    Best of British!


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    Nice one Daz.

    i have had 2 in the last few months (still no job)

    so i wish you all the best mate,


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    First rule I have always stuck by is never discuss money at an interview, that is to be discussed after they offer you the job!

    I always wear a white shirt when going for interviews rather than fancy colour ones, always clean shaven don't bother with aftershave as its distracting and might not be to the interviewees taste.

    As much research as possible about their company, news articles are always interesting and sometimes used by companies for questions to see if you have actually done your homework!
    List of questions that you want to ask which are relevant to the role you are applying and my last one is always "are there any concerns you have with me and my application and ability to perform this role" as it can give you a little feedback some times and puts them on the spot a little lol!

    Always smile, make eye contact and learn forward when answering the questions as it shows you are engaging with the person and have interest.

    All the best with the interview

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