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Thread: Waxed Hat Restoration

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    Waxed Hat Restoration

    My cheap copy waxed hat had lost its shape after being lost and found under the mat in the dog cage and had started to leak. While rooting in the shooting cupboard I found a small tin of Barbour wax that came with my jacket years ago. I brushed off the hat knocked it back into some sort of shape and hung it on the front rail of the Aga with an S hook. Loosened the top of the tin and put it on the back of the Aga to soften then went out for breakfast. On my return the hat was a much better shape and the brim going up and down in the right places. The wax was softer and easily applied in minutes with a plastic food bag wrapped around my fingers. I then hung it on the pan rail to 'dry' job done. Another use for the power of Aga heat, no heat gun no hair dryer. A jacket could go in the warming over for a while to warm up.

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    Waxed hat

    Hi Tom270

    I do something similar.

    I coat the hat in any old wax waterproofing gunk, then pop my hat in the low oven for a couple of minutes to allow the wax to melt into the fabric.

    It comes out waterproof and when cooled/dry stiff enough to keep the brim in shape and the rain away from the neck.

    However, im told I do look like a tramp when wearing it! (although in my mind I look like Indiana Jones).


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