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    Hi to all from sunny Northants my husband is the serious stalker I have joined him and find it amazing. We run teckels as deer dogs. They are brilliant. We also rear game for shooting, this is more my domain.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome Carol,good to see women involved in the sport.


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    Hello and welcome from the North - - - my better half, Alison, is a busy bee in the same business as you. Yesterday she had me help pick up the best part of a couple o thousand pheasant eggs - - - should be good for my waistline she reckons !

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    Welcome to the site carol.

    Looking forward to hear about your teckels as I'm thinking about getting one

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    welcome to the SD i am also from n'pton we have a few get togethers for sd folk if you would both like to join us ,know its not easy if you are on a game farm regards

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    Hi Carolwing
    I live in South Northants,my wife stalks. Roughly where are you.

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    Hi norma308 is that an open invitation

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler1 View Post
    Hi norma308 is that an open invitation
    It has been in the past and look forward to the next one
    As the food and company was spot on at the last one

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