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Thread: Advertising ideas

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    Advertising ideas

    I know talking about advertising here can start a fight but as this isn't really stalking related it seems like it might be OK to ask.

    My girlfriend has a holiday cottage for rent and this is her first year so she is looking to ramp up business. She certainly wasn't looking to fill it this year and so we are at the experimental stage. We have done a little bit of advertising - the Glasgow Herald didn't get a single response or hit to her web site, a small circulation church magazine got her about 4 - 5 bookings and we are going to try the "People's Friend" magazine for the next two weeks. The cottage is on Lewis in the Hebrides and a lot of the tourist trade up there is older people who want to see otters etc. so the People's Friend seemed to hit the target audience, as did the like of church magazines.

    I have the stats up and running for her web site so we can easily monitor any small increase in hits to the site so it is actually very easy for us to judge the relative success of any advert we place. It must be said this is one really nice thing about a web site as you can see the interest it generates even if you don't get any bookings "on the day."

    Has anyone any ideas for other places to advertise that might give a reasonable return on the cost of the advertising, bearing in mind the target audience? There is lots of fishing, shooting and stalking available in the area but I suspect her core custom will come from other sources.

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    get in touch with Scottish tourist board or 'visit Scotland' folk


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    Try the cycling sites. I ran a secure car park in Oban for the ferry services our major customers were cyclists. You also need to say if you like dogs in the cottage. A ramblers site is good but a lot have dogs. Target groups because they pass the word on. Jim

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    Been doing this for some years, most of the big websites charge around 200 - 300 per year, but in context this may be less than one booking so don't let the high price det you. We are on five of the big ones and we chech bookings against source to ensure the best cost return. If you want more info PM me.

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    bob nailed it...

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    From the sounds of your target market I would (seriously) think about the following magazines:

    The Lady
    Birds (the magazine of the RSPB)
    Walk (the magazine of the Ramblers Association)
    The Countryman

    Whenever we've booked a cottage we've normally emailed/phoned the local Tourist Information and asked for their lists of local self-catering cottages and B&B's, but I'm guessing you're already on there and websites like this one (

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Why not put the details on here cant cost more than a tenner for a month and i am sure there will be people going to lewis stalking

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    Thank you to everyone for the ideas - at the minute the Tourist Board aren't involved as the Hebridean nature tends not to encourage the involvement of "the government" in life :-) I suspect it is only a matter of time though.

    I did think about advertising here but, to be honest, stalkers are not a big target market so I don't see it generating much business plus the fishing and stalking on Lewis tends to be rather "exclusive" in the sense that it attracts the same people year after year. Because of the extra bother involved in getting there most people never make the trip though there probably isn't a sporting destination to compare with Lewis if you enjoy a wide range of sport and the stalking can be spectacular.

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    Well, you won me over 6pointer and I decided to give trade membership a go as there seem to be a fair few folks on here who fish and, well, Lewis is a paradise destination for them. It will be interesting to see how SD advertising will compare in terms of site activity and so on.

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