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Thread: Jelen Deer Services - Leading the way.

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    Jelen Deer Services - Leading the way.

    Jelen Deer Services, the UK's leading providers of Live Capture training report increasing interest in Live capture since our launch of the nation's first formally recognised training course in 2010.

    In the last six weeks we have run three training courses in Holkham, Stafford and Halifax. We are seeing growing interest from Vets, Equine capture specialists, Farmers and Wildlife managers, as more people see the benefits in using darting equipment - not just for the delivery of immobilisation drugs, but a range of other uses including remote treatment with antibiotics, and DNA/Biopsy tissue retrieval.

    Lancashire Constabulary, last year engaged Jelen to supply equipment and training for the Firearms team who would be using the equipment. We supplied a new Pneudart X-2 dart pistol, and since acquiring the kit they have reported great success in the capture and restraint of dangerous dogs. The X-2 has allowed officers to capture dangerous dogs safely and humanely.

    Where previously the task might have been required the deployment of several officers using riot shields and tazers, with all the animal welfare as well as human safety implications. The task can now be completed swiftly and simply using only one or two officers, and the risks to both animal and Police Officer have been greatly reduced.

    Jelen have now been successful in securing a three year contract with DEFRA to supply marksmen and Dart Gun Operators, and with a growing emphasis on humane capture, we see a great future for the dart rifle in the management of cattle, horses, dogs and many other animals.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services)

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