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Thread: Winchester Model 7o safeties.

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    Winchester Model 7o safeties.

    I am a fan of Mauser 98 actions but I really like what I think of as a Model 70 safety. The three position horizontal on the bolt one. Doesn't get in the way of the scope and really locks up the pin.

    Has anybody had any experience of converting either a flag type mauser safety or a BRNO 550 safety to this type? any help would be really appreciated.

    thanks in advance,


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    There are many for sale on the net from different manufacturers,most suggest a gunsmith to install though I reckon there would be plenty of blokes that would do it themselves.

    Midway sell them,Recknagel are two in mind but there are another three or four that escape me atm.

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    I've installed dozens of them using a safety I bought from Brownells. I also bought the M-98 shroud jig. It requires a milling machine and a lot of patience. Definitely a gunsmithing operation.~Muir

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    there are some on eBay USA now

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    on that topic. Do Win Mod70 have the same receiver profile at Mausers/BSA/PH etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    on that topic. Do Win Mod70 have the same receiver profile at Mausers/BSA/PH etc?
    I have a horrible suspicion that even between so called 98s (FN, Zastava, Santa Barbara etc.) and possibly even between different Mauser contracts there might be variations. I think both the Siamese and Mexican contractw were shorter and a slightly different shape. Trouble is I wasn't sure even when I was young and knew verything, now I am old I know that I don't know much at all. Thanks for all the help.


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    Wins mod 70 are a diffent profile actions to r700s and mauser, BSA , PH. I believe that BSA may take the same mounts/ bases as a R700.

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    The 2nd Pattern Monarch and the CF2 of BSA Manufacture do use the same mounts as the Remington 700. This was deliberate as the marketing folks at BSA thought it might improve their sales in the US where despite polls repeatedly showing that shooters wanted dovetails on receivers for direct scope mounting when it came to actually buying they brought different things.

    THE safety I see see mentioned often for Mauser like the Win mod 70 is the Wisner but it's not cheap see here:-

    It's possible to buy the whole assembly ready to screw onto the rear of your bolt. Hope that is of some use to you.

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    Thanks for this. Still pretty cheap compared to some I have seen. Don't know how much the installation might be.


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    Sorry cannot help there some need a bit of work others might screw straight on. Only way to find out is ask the people selling them methinks.

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