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    carrion crows

    not stalking related but a first for me,whilst at work today i was talking to a collegue who is a keen bird feeder,watched 2 mistle thrushes mobbing 2 carrion crows obviously too close to a nest , one got to close to a crow and got captured and killed in a flash,i have seen them kill countless young birds but not a full grown thrush,sorry if it bored you but i thought it worth sharring ,what is the most unusual you have witnessed ?

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    in a confined space or in the wild ,the reason i ask is i had a magpie killed and eaten in a larson trap last week by a carrion caught in the trap.

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    Yeah very common in holding cages or traps, but this was just in a field with some sheep.

    Watched an old large farm cat fight and kill a polecat years ago, that was hilarious .

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    i winged a black back gull once , it spewed up a half grown grouse

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    Pigeon shooting once with my brother, he shot a carrion crow flying over and it dropped a live partridge chick!

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