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Thread: Longest ahot you would take?

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    Longest ahot you would take?

    Was speaking to one of my keeper friends last night who has been helping out on one of the local estates recently.
    He was telling me a story about the hind cull last year & of young keepers taking shots at 500-800+ yards with 25-06 & .270 rifles just to get the numbers they were after.

    If there is any truth in this story then i find it quite irresponsible of the keepers. I know they shoot for a living & are likely to be good shots, but come on!

    How easy would it be to drop a deer at 800yards with one of these calibres & would it be carrying enough energy at 800yards to kill a hind cleanly?

    Im happy to shoot out to 300 yards comfortably on deer with my 25-06 or .300WM if i really have to, although i do not make a habit of it & prefer to keep the range in the 50-150 yard bracket.

    When i heard this last night it really interested me & i wondered what range some of you guys are taking deer at?
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    There is no question if the deer is hit in the right spot they will kill it...

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    +1 with jamross really. Its only irresponsible if your not competent and confident with your setup and dont know your ballistics and rifle. and obviously you have to pick your weather to shoot or know how to read wind well. Its certainly not stalking but a tried and tested method of culling deer.

    PS: My 7-08 140gn bullet has about 680ftlb of down range energy at 800yds and thats a mild calibre, i would expect a .25-06 or .270 to have a bit more poke than that.
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    I just saw you reading one of the numerous threads that already exist on this subject (many of which had to be closed) so hopefully you'll come back with an understanding of why our hearts sink when this contentious subject comes up yet again.

    In two minds about closing it now to save all the time editing later, but then I doubt those who have genuine reasons/ability to take lengthy shots are the type to brag about it on here.


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    After i posted i found the old threads & the fallout that ensued over such a question.

    Understandable if the post is closed.


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    Certainly will kill deer at those ranges, personally will only shoot at those ranges on a beast that has already been wounded, but thats just me.

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    This is a can of worms, however, the right rifle/calibre in the right hands can shoot and kill to extended ranges, question is when is who decides if it's right or wrong???

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Certainly will kill deer at those ranges, personally will only shoot at those ranges on a beast that has already been wounded, but thats just me.
    One of the things that puzzle me is that in different countries different topics create vast heat.

    In the UK one of these is long range shooting. In the USA is a club that regularly shots at and hits rabbit size animals over a mile away. That produces no heat there!

    Long range shooting and I mean over 300 yards can be done with a good chance of success. What stops me doing it is the fact that in the time the bullet takes to reach the deer, the deer might have moved position especially if you aim for a headshot. The mathematicians amongst you can work it out.

    That is the reason why I only do it in emergencies.

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    Even the best shot in the world can only influence the path of a bullet up until the point that it leaves the barrel. After that, there are a whole host of variables in the equation which are all exacerbated at longer range. Bullet drop is a relative constant but unless you know the exact range of the target and the amount of drop at that exact range you are merely guessing. Environmental factors will greatly influence the path of the bullet also. Deer have a tendency to move as well which is not good if they choose to do it just as you release the shot, especially at longer ranges! If you can't stalk closer to a deer than the ranges quoted then you should maybe consider another line of work????!!!!
    Know your limits and remain comfortably within them!

    PS. this is a rubbish thread which will undoubtedly degenerate into a pi55ing contest between people that probably don't actually shoot that many deer or know (or care) what they are doing and will once again bring our activites into question on a public forum!I reckon?

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    I dont doubt the kit and the optics are out there to do it for anyone with the skillls to put a projectile on target, but 800yds sounds a long way to ethical or otherwise.
    When i was researching mag calibres on the net, there was a lot of you tube clips of long range deer shooting followed by a load of yee haa's and the like !!
    I haven't shot a vast number of deer but i would say most have been between 30-100yds odd ones at 150 +

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