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Thread: Best foot forward??

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    Best foot forward??

    I've been taking my 5 month old Bmh out on a few outings done a few "warm" ! Tracks with her and just walks around woods just shooting tree rats which is a relevant part of t training as I want it to stalk with me and not sit in the boot of the car! I'm stalking for a few days next weekend and was planing to take her with me for the morning stalks I'm not expecting a half mile track from her but I think surely it's better to get her out and about and its not going to learn sod all at home? I wondered at what age others started introducing there dogs into there intended jobs and is this too young to be taking the pup out??

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    Take you dog with you , nothing can go wrong . Lesson one , observer her , look to her reactions . Very good start .

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    Rudi is correct, take her out but watch her closely. Also might I add that if you take a shot i hope that you have already got her used to the shot , then make her stay till you make sure the beast is dead. If you want to speak more send a P M. Regards Widu.

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    Had good trip pup was air scenting and nosing fresh slots sadly no blood trails!!! Plenty of does though !! Behaved well on the stalks to nice and quiet with the odd puppy moment!! Sit and stay to work on next just because I lie down don't mean u can lie on my back or try and lick my face haha !!

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