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Thread: Scope Advice Please

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    Scope Advice Please

    Michelle has just bought her first deer calibre, .243 Remmy 700. She is now looking for a scope for it and I am looking for suggestions, I am not talking top notch glass as she doesnt need that, something cheap and cheerful, preferably a fine reticule , larger objective and zoom. Had a few suggested including Hawk Sidewinder 3x12x50....are these ok for centre fire and do you know of any others.Many thanks for your helppete

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    Ive got MTC mamba 4-16X50 on my 222 and 243,
    good glass and the german A4 ret is superb,
    very reasonable price as well

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    Budget is king!

    If new, then the MTC is probably a better bet than many. I'd still go for a better quality second hand scope over a new cheaper piece of glass at the same price. There have been a couple of cracking Meopta's on here recently for example - and Minox.
    Remember the better the glass, the better the light gathering capability - that extra five or ten minutes are more than likely the difference between shooting one and not.

    Sorry to muddy the waters.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    I'd still go for a better quality second hand scope over a new cheaper piece of glass at the same price.
    MacLeod's have got a Meopta 7x50 second hand in that price range. Has to be worth a look...

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    Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40.
    And for those of you that think I'm nuts, hold fire until you try one.
    Clear as a whisky glass and stick to zero like s##t to a shoe. I've got two of them on .308s - one on my girlfriend's rifle too.

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    im with mauser got one on my 270 and will be getting another two for my 300 win and another 270. great in all weather and very good last light /early morning .
    Burris 3-9 x 40mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope (000381016294) | eBay
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    Thanks for you help so far gents

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    optimate, good scope for the money and it,s got all you need for a first scope

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    I've said it before

    Spend money on your scope

    1. A good scope will still be with you in 20 years
    2. If you decide to get rid of it then if you've bought 2nd hand you'll probably get all of your money back. If you buy a cheap scope you may as well weigh it in down the scrapy because that will be about its worth.
    3. Buy a cheap scope and you may as well throw it in the bin in a year. After all that's all the guarantee you'll get with it.
    4. Start with a 6x42 and if you decide you want something larger then put it on your .22 rimfire as a tidy upgrade.

    Yes it may hurt your bank balance for a short time but I'll guarantee you will never regret buying a good scope or bins.

    P.S. you should've spent less on the rifle and more on the scope. If you can't see it you can't shoot it

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