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Thread: Log-in security issue.

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    Log-in security issue.

    I've noticed that if I begin logging-in before the title page has fully downloaded the box flashes up my full password unencrypted when I enter the first character. Is this a fault with the site or something my end? My connection is very slow, don't know if that's an issue.
    Doesn't this mean that if someone wanting to cause trouble typed in a member's username and happened on the first character of their password by chance the full password would be revealed and the intruder could begin making fraudulent posts using someone else's identity?

    Sorry if this is a stupid point and I'm missing something obvious, computers are not my strong point.
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    It's your web browser. Have you got your browser remembering your password? It will only do it for your log in details, it won't work if you try someone else's username.

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