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Thread: Calton Moor Range "one stop shop"

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    Calton Moor Range "one stop shop"

    After deliberating about a new rifle (for far too long). I decided on a Sako85 .308 with Ziess duralyt scope. I ordered this from Mike Dickinson at Calton Moor, and was very impressed by the level of service I encountered. Yesterday Mike rang to tell me that the gun and scope had arrived and were ready for pick-up. On arrival the mounts and scope were fitted, ready for action. I asked was the on-site range available for shooting in/zeroing, which it was, (they have 2 100yard under ground tunnels a very impressive set-up). Mike was able to provide a number of different brands and weights of ammo from stock and after zeroing we I was helped to Identify which ammo was best suited to the rifle. I was quite happy with my efforts at grouping, until Mike clover leafed 3 consecutive rounds just to show the accuracy that the rifle itself could deliver. They held a good stock of the best suited ammo, so I could stock up there and then, and also bought sling etc. There can't be too many places about that can offer all this, and with the sound advice and the friendly banter from Mike and Matt it turned a shopping trip into an enjoyable experince. Well done guys and needless to say "I'll be back".


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    second that noah mike and matt are good guys.
    sort me scope out for me last week

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    Thank you noah im glad u enjoyed the day and you are pleased with your new rifle and set up we are allways glad to help and meet new friends
    looking forward to seeing you all again soon and help out as much as we can when ever it is needed.

    Calton moor range


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