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Thread: RSPB pro stalking

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    RSPB pro stalking

    I heard this morning on radio 4 the RSPB are pro stalking and cull deer to preserve salt marsh and now maintain a balance of numbers.
    This seemed a bit strange considering the argument they presented yesterday on radio 2 regarding Red Kites increasing in numbers scaring people and decimating other birds populations. However I though the arguments presented had a more balanced approached than some I have heard previously. However I am still not a fan of several large charities.

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    They have stalkers on the coast at Arne, Dorset who shoot a lot of hinds and few stags to protect the reeds etc.

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    Its not a new thing they have culled on Arne for years

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    They have also decimated the deer population at their Abernethy Reserve and continue to cull out of season - Under the guise of re-generation...

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    RSPB, National Trust, Woodland Trust all are trusts that are species specific and favour that species. We used to have the BDS look after deer. Now all they do is train people to shoot them. Maybe we should set up the British Deer Stalking Trust, get left large tracts of land, and obliterate anything that gets in the way of producing large quantities massive Roe Bucks.

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    They do now; dont they??????


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