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Thread: Fridges for deer

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    Fridges for deer

    I have been looking (in vain so far) for a drinks cooler or something similar in which to store 1 or 2 roe or maybe a small hind for a day or two in warmer weather. I don't really shoot enough of my own deer to justify a 'proper' chiller. Obviously a rail and drip tray would need to be rigged up.

    I have heard a few folks say that this set up does'nt really work too well in practice from the chilling viewpoint.

    What is the experience of the assembled great and good?

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    I have a full height fridge that I use - it takes three muntjac or a couple of roe at a push. I have left one of the wire shelves at the top from which I hang a couple of 'S' hooks to hold the gambrels. It seems to work fine.

    I was offered a drinks chiller this week from a shop that was being refurbished, but the big double ones would just take up too much room in my larder.


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    A drinks chiller sounds perfect for your requirements I would say. They are better than a normal fridge as they normally blast cold air from above which cools animals down quickly, and the air circulation prevents mould growing. They are very efficient as they are designed to work with the door being frequently opened. A bar can be fitted, but the shelves will take a lot of weight too. The only problem I ever had with one was when I skinned a red hind whilst still warm, quartered it and hung it in the drinks chiler. It couldn't cope with the amount of moisture evaporating and the radiator/heat exchanger became blocked with ice!! However, I had numerous warm animals in the same double doored fridge with their jackets on and they chilled lovely! They will all chill below 7 degrees which is the legal requirement!

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    Hi Kuwinda

    I use a single door model of the drinks chiller, rigged it out with a shelf at the top then with sturdy hooks screwed underneath then I use 2 S hooks to hang Roe off.

    Will take 2 Roe, I generally leave them in for 1 week, termparture is 4-5 degrees, I always let the carcase cool before chilling.

    So works fine for me!



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    I to use a single door drinks chiller which i got got from my local cafe for free when they got a new one, I had to wait a bit until they new one arrived but hey beggers can't be choosers got the hooks from my local butcher free aswel look after the local business and they will look after you.
    PS make sure you have enough height for the chiller mine only just fitted

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    I have a double door 6 foot bottle chiller on hold at my local shop.
    Its into my garage when his new one arrives .

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    That sounds fine ...................

    Only problem now is finding one???

    I have seen a few for sale on ebay - but all at (for me) silly prices - presumably in 'good condition' and ready to use in a shop bar etc. and a long way away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuwinda
    That sounds fine ...................

    Only problem now is finding one???

    I have seen a few for sale on ebay - but all at (for me) silly prices - presumably in 'good condition' and ready to use in a shop bar etc. and a long way away.
    I was looking as well kuwinda & saw this one but a bit too far for me to collect, don't know whereabouts in the country you are but it looks the right price.

    Chris _BOI_Restaurant_RL?hash=item260366452614&_trksid=p 3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A2|39%3A1|240%3A1 318

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    The drinks chiller I have, I adjusted to 1-2 C, works a treat. Just a bit small for sika stags or fallow.


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    just bought a double door drinks chiller and large ice cream freezer for 200 from local garage ,just the job

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