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Thread: Great Wall Steed S / SE

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    Great Wall Steed S / SE

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    Spoke to a mate who has one at the weekend he is really happy with it. Works well off road, cheap and solidly build with very good warrantees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widu13 View Post
    Hi Widu13
    I went to South Africa a few years ago 2/3, the outfitters had 3 of them at the time all pretty new , at that time they said they seemed ok and were happy with them, when my friend returned there 18 months later they were all gone and the outfitters had returned to having Toyotas, apparently they didnt hold up too well to treatment they were getting, which to be fair was HARSH to put kit nicely,

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    Funny enough I was looking at the ad yesterday. I haven't seen one yet but as it is chinese I would imagine that cheap is the main point. for a reason. But if you don't use them harshly then it could be a reasonably buy. Just don't expect strong residules.
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    I looked at them at the Anglian show on Saturday, I thought they looked quite small and I dont think they are sturdy enough. Spec looks good, 6 speed box and just under 17000 with vat but I think I will stick to the better known models. Possibly in a few years if they prove me wrong I might look again, but I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widu13 View Post
    there cheap for a reason looked under the bonnet of these and plate told me the reason.
    maunfactued in 2007. me thinks that china cant shift them so banging out cheap over here

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    Ahhh that's when they shipped them.... it took the Chinese junk that long to get here .

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    Tata,Pickups spring to mind with these vehicles,and they were s***e.
    Atb John.

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    The old saying "you get what you pay for" tends to be pretty true to form
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    The old saying "you get what you pay for" tends to be pretty true to form
    Maybe they are just priced to sell rather than make the company billions in profit. I read somewhere they use mitsubishi engines and siemens electronic systems.

    Does anyone have first hand experience?.... i.e. own one, or driven one?
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