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Thread: JetZ Compact mod.

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    JetZ Compact mod.

    Dear all

    As per the title in .30 cal M15x1 spigotted.

    The mod has been duracoated to match the colour of the mod by James Clark.

    It has seen approximately 700 rounds but is as good as the day it was bought and still has 1000's of rounds life left.

    Looking for 175

    Section 1 so F2F or RFD transfer.

    Many thanks
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    Duracoated to match the colour of the mod?

    Excuse ignorance but will this screw onto a standard 15x1 (how does a spigot work exactly?)

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    This mod will only fit a spigotted thread. The spigot is a parallel turned shank section which acts as a guide when locating the mod for attaching to the thread.

    You would need to check with Jacksons but I believe the fitting can be changed by a gunsmith and the replacement attachment cost is 25.

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    I am on the look out for a JetZ in .30 cal but I am not sure about this "spigotting" business. Can you explain further or post pics? Let us know if you think this can be changed to a normal thread. Thanks

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    I will post pics of the mod tomorrow but not sure it will help in explaining in any further detail than my post above.

    It can be changed, but as above please check with Jacksons as to the cost of the replacement fitting. As far as I am aware they are 25.

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    Please see link below for the information explaining what a spigot is:

    Reflex Suppressors UK technical information

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