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    My Account is Open

    ust back from my first stalk on the new ground I signed up last week.

    Arrived on land at just after 7am when it was still pretty dark as it is very over cast. Mild but only light breeze that was swirling all around.

    I geared up and then set of up the side of the first wood, nothing around. Moved through the the far side where I saw 6 last week, nothing again. Moved up the side of this wood and heard something moving inside the trees but too thick to see anything.

    Cut across the open ground to the next small copse to look over the field of swedes that they are hammering, nothing again.

    Decide to head up to the top of the field to look down over the open area of about 60 acres, mainly carrots.

    Bingo, 2 deer out at about 200 yards. A quick glass and confirm they are 2 does but they are in the open, nothing near them for cover. They are also moving to my right but the wind is in my favour so there is not option, down onto my belly and start crawling.

    20 mins later of inching forward I have closed the distance to 150 yards confirmed with the range finder. Another 10 mins crawling and they change direction and are slowly moving towards me. Browsing on carrots as they go.

    Ping them with the range finder and we are at 107 yards for the closest so I settle down for the shot after resting for a few mins to get the breathing sorted. I watch them through the scope waiting for them to go broadside and they move into shot, check back stop, all fine as I am above them.

    Ease the safety off and send the bullet on it's way.

    I see the strike, bang on the right place, deer jumps straight up and collapses on the spot, legs kick for a few seconds as I chamber the next round. She is not going to move again. Second doe has move 10 yards closer to me and I could easily have taken that but one is enough for today. Stand and move down to her, check eye reaction and nothing.

    Turn her over and the exit would is bang in the middle of the chest. Heart shot as far as I can tell.

    To say I am happy is an under statement!

    Performed the gralloch and she is now hanging, minus her lower legs ready for skinning tomorrow as I am helping out at one of the kids school all day today!


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    Very well done m8

    Save one for me eh!!!

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    well done Jerry,great start to your new patch, andy

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    well done mate,sounds like you have dropped on well with that place.good luck i bet you cant wait to get out again now.

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    well done Jerry, unbelievable feeling, Hoping to pick up some new ground myself soon.

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    Well done Jerry.
    Bet it will taste nice feeding on all that organic veg


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    Well I've said it once Jerry so I might as well say it again, "nice one mate". Good luck this weekend.


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