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Thread: Laminate stocks

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    Laminate stocks

    Anyone got any advice on cleaning laminate stocks ?

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    It will depend on how it's finnished (oil/varnish/or whatever) stick that up and someone will be along to give advice.


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    Soapy rag and a tooth brush for the checkering is what i use on a 85 stock. The resins used in laminates will all tolerate use of a wild detergent and you will be likely ok with a mild solvent for grease if required. Shellite, meths etc if required.

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    Mountainstalker, i take it when you say a " 85 " stock you are talking about a Sako ? Mine is a Sako 85. Its a grey laminate.

    Night stalker, do they do laminates in an oil or varnish finish ??

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    you need stock conditioner birchwood casey they do it in the kit with tru-oil brilliant or you can use auto-sol and buff off the marks

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    Roe, yes sako 85 stainles laminate, butt ugly but functional. Laminates by definition and manufacture process are a gloss / matt finish. the timber is impregnated with resin.

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    sorry mountainstalker you are wrong mate wood is not impregnated with resin but a resin bond is used between the laminate layers

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    Hi, it depend what the origin of the stock is. A lot of after market laminate stocks come needing a final fit and are un finished one of my range buddies has one on a Remmy 700 that he has finished with oil and another has one finnished by a car spray painter.


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    Fibrewad, i hear what your saying. my sako 85 has a satin epoxy like finish and being made of thin layers it contains plenty of resin. Where the checkering i cut the grain appears open but does not seem to absorb any moisture. From a cleaning point of view, lots of options.

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    in ten years i cant say i have ever cleaned my 700's stock other than with a damp cloth to remove the mud ! and it gets used alot as its my foxin tool

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