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Thread: 30-06 illegal

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    30-06 illegal

    Help please. is 30-06 a military cal and if so is it illegal to take france for a boar hunting trip over 4 days

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    I believe but don't quote me on it that the 30-06 is classed as a military round and therefore disallowed in France for hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaser3006
    I believe but don't quote me on it that the 30-06 is classed as a military round and therefore disallowed in France for hunting.
    I'd agree with that. I brought a 7mm rifle for just that reason.

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    Have you got a European Firearms passport? Although I have heard that 30.06 calibre is banned in France it was along time ago. It would also pay you to phone the French Embassy and ask their advice. Its worth checking out first before you totally right it off.

    Hope the advice helps.

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    Grandad says they let him in with his in 303. A whole heap of yanks brough 30-06 at same time. Point this out to the froggy embassy it may help you case mate!

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    err sorry it ain't pc to call em Frogs is it !

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    30-06 illegal

    Thanks everyone for your input, it appears that you are correct, it is illegal!. Variation goes in on monday, for 300 win mag. Have looked at federal express balistics chart, and this looks like a very capable calibre for boar and large game. Kent, you are correct. Grandad could shoot 'hun' but not boar!...., but maybe on this weekend of all weekends, we should be thankful that most of Europe sits at the same table, and we can talk and not fight. Will keep you posted on how the shooting goes on in France at the end of february.........pjkaz.......

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    Agreed. In the centiments- don't take my comments about the french too seriously. However remember they fought to stop Germany having one Europe , one we were invited by Hitler to join. Hitler was a great fan of the British his favourite film was the Bengal Lancer. Not that i support Hitler or Facicit dictators in general.
    Ask that Generation if we should have one Europe i am unqualified to make the choice.

    Good luck with the Boar

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