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Thread: Deer Legs for Sticks?

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    Deer Legs for Sticks?

    Guys, I would like to cure or preserve if you like some Roe legs to make into the tops of walking sticks. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Fallowmoor.

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    i use meths for fox tails etc

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    so my mate who used to stuff stiffs, says . he worked in a funeral directors!!!.
    Have an incline to do the same with a roe leg, stick wise , but you will have to peel back the skin to the hoof or as close as possible , and take the bone out . When you assemble stick you drill a hole in the hoof and araldite a metal pin , drill top of stick insert other end of pin , glue shaft of stick ,peel down skin and tart up.
    The other method is to drill bone remove marrow , immerse as above and you will have a workable hoof to work with, BEFORE EMERSION splay toes with a sliver of wood for a thumb stick , the curing process should, I am advised be about 4 weeks , to guarantee a non Frankenstein bits drop off .Well that's my info , . Failing that use white vinegar You've heard the term preserve wildlife PICKLE A SQUIRREL.
    Cheers Trapper

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