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Thread: BBC Radio 4 today - Sika in Purbeck

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    BBC Radio 4 today - Sika in Purbeck

    The Nature programme on Radio 4 today was about the Sika deer in Purbeck/Studland and covered a good part about their management.

    I thought that it was a really good piece, quite positive about the need for management by culling. Worth spending 30 minutes to listen to.

    It isn't on iPlayer yet, but it is repeated at 21:00 Thursday 3rd May, so will probably be available after that.

    This is the link to the Nature page ( This is not a trap; I know that URL looks a bit odd)

    A deer stalker for the National Trust said "There's nothing nice about shooting a large vascular beautiful mammal." Any volunteers to unload this terrible burden of responsibility from the poor chap?

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    Yep, repeated tonight

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    Came in from a stock check. Didn't realise the heads up had been done already . So put up a new thread .

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