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Thread: Sako Finnlight .308 owners - what loads?

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    Sako Finnlight .308 owners - what loads?


    I've made the step into the Sako world today and will shortly have a Finnlight in .308. Fully aware that what works in one may not in another but as a start point I'd appreciate any info on what people find work best in theirs. I will be homeloading for it in due course but would also be interested in what factory ammunition is working well.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Not a finnlite but in Sako varmint I've had good luck with:

    165gr Hornady SP, RWS cases, CCI 200LR primer, 47 grains Reloder 15 2.740" OAL. chrono at 2750 fps 24" barrel

    125gr Sierra SP, Privi cases, Federal 215M magnum primer, 51grains BL-C(2), 2.700" OAL. chrono at 3080 fps 24" barrel.

    Load up to these charges incrementally from at least 5% below, usual caveats apply.

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    Thanks for that. I'm thinking of going down the Varget route but will consider your points. What do you use the 125gn load for and presumably that shoots pretty flat?


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    150g Nosler BT, 46.5g Rel 15, Fed primers, Lap cases, used this out of my Finlight for years, good load. I wouldnt go with 125g, they are more of a varmint bullet, have no back end and make a real mess...tried them on Hinds one season and it was like a grenade going off!

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    I use the 125 grain load for shorter range fox or vermin shooting; as Jaeger says it is not a deer bullet though it works perfectly well for neck shooting. I say shorter range, out to about 200 yards so far, because although it starts off at an impressive lick, the low B.C. means that it sheds velocity rapidly and so it's effective trajectory is about the same as a good 150 grain bullet out to 300 yards, actually worse thereafter.

    The idea is that the 308 being a larger than usual calibre for foxes, Offroad Gary on these boards convinced me that I wanted a fast, frangible load for safety reasons.

    The 165 grain Hornady is a good load in my rifle and mate's Parker Hale Midland, be aware that changing any component may change the load completely as this load is book max. I used the bullets as I had them on hand but any of the 150-165 grain bullets avaliable should cope with the 308's velocity and do fine on deer.

    Varget would be another great powder for the use you have in mind but I have not used it, preferring RL15 for hunting loads as it develops best velocity and H4895 for target loads due to it's accuracy and flexibility.
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    150grn game kings behind fit N140 work in the Finlight, Federal 150gran powershok, 150grn RWS cone points and Sako 150grn hammer heads wok as well.


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    125 grain nosler ballistic tip behind 44 or 45 grain of varget . Hole on hole through my sako 85 . Drops big fallow bucks no problem.

    ATB Steve

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    All very helpful, as ever, so thanks a lot. Looking forward to picking I up and seeing how it shoots given the rifle's light weight.


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    My Sako 75 .308 cloverleafs with......

    Lapua brass, federal large rifle primers. 42 grain N140 with either Nosler BT's or Hornady SST's. SST's don't make such a big exit and minimise meat damage. For foxes I use 125 grain Nosler BT's with 42 grains of reoader x10.

    The 150 load if zero'd at 100 yrds drop 3.2 inches at 200 and 12.5 inches at 300
    The 125 load if zero'd at 100 yrds drop 2.3 inches at 200 and 9.8 inches at 300

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    Just a quick comment Ben, have you considered zeroing a little high at 100 yards?

    If you zero'ed an inch and a half high at 100 ( Actual zero about 180 yards ) you would halve that drop at 300 yards and not have to worry about holding under at close range either.

    Just a thought mate.

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