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Thread: Complete reloading starter kit

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    Complete reloading starter kit

    for sale is a used but like new complete reloading kit as shown in pictures

    kit includes

    RCBS Press
    Redding Scales
    RCBS powder thrower
    Lee priming tool small and large
    various case prep tool (lee)
    Redding case length trimmer
    2 types of lune
    powder funnel
    powder trickler

    270 posted to any uk mainland address

    a set of 243 redding dies and .222 lee dies are also available
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    If you decide to split give us a price for the trimmer, trickler and 243 dies please.


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    all sold except .243 dies which are 35 posted

    they are a set of f/l sizer and seating die made by redding like new

    first person to say they want them, they are yours please repond by pm

    as there has been a lot of confusion with these today

    so thats why they are being readvirtised
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