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Thread: landy engine query ??

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    landy engine query ??

    anybody know what this is ? and should it have a hose attached?

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    Looks like a breather - wouldn't worry about it too much

    Any better pics of the engine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    anybody know what this is ? and should it have a hose attached?
    Its a breather mate, dont worry too much about it not having a hose on it, I cant remember exactly but I think that one has a hose on it directing the vapour back into the rocker cover,the worst that will happen is your vehicle will smell a bit.

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    Yes it's a breather. Usually directing gases from the engine into the air filter box. Watch them as they can get alot of carbon and crud in them and block up. If they do your engine won't like it and will constantly blow oil out of the oil seals due to the crankcase pressurising.

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    As has been mentioned its a breather from the rocker/oil filler cap one pipe runs to the air filter box the other to the rocker cover this being the older 19j landrover engine you can run without it but you should put on one keep from weeping oil all over, the connection pipe on the rocker cover should be at the end closest to the bulkhead/window end good luck

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    thanks peeps , as someone said , oil is sometimes escaping from here onto the engine and creating some smoke

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