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Thread: Uploading videos to youtube

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    Uploading videos to youtube

    Just been uploading a video to youtube. 135mins for a 4min 40sec video.

    Does anybody know of a quicker way. I'm doing it straight off memroy stick in a usb adapter.
    Maybe I'm to impatient.

    Any ideas guys.



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    try copying the video off the usb to your hard drive. Then hard drive copy to youtube. My videos take ages if I try to copy straight from my camera memory stick. its far quicker copying to my harddrive. Then uploading from my harddrive to youtube.
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    The likely bottleneck will be your broadband upload speed rather than the speed between the card reader and PC. If you are on a standard ADSL connection your upload speed will likely be less than 1mb. How big is the video file and what type of file is it?

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    Drag it to your computer then convert it to flv which is the format of youtube videos. A 5 min video should only be about 40mb and shouldnt take long to upload unless you're not using a broadband connection.
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