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    I,m looking for a brace of lakeland terrier pups if anyone can give me a contact.
    They will be worked at foxes and used to follow up deer so ideally from a smallish chested dog and bitch preferably with a couple of brain cells at least! but not too smart as i still need to be the boss.

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    i wouldnt get 2 at the same time , you may have problems with them fighting for your approval and they both get old at the same time . Ive bred workers for about 30 years , and good ones at that , even with the best breeding only about half make the grade . One problem you may get if yiu manage to get a worker and enter it to earth work is , if you wound a deer on last light then take your dog to a blood trail theres a good chance it will run to ground , ive been 22 foot for a terrier , another was to ground for 4 days . You will need a locator , not cheap , a shovel , graft , fork and bars then you need to work within the law . Working lakelands are hard to find these day , Gary Middleton at kendal has some good ones , contact him via the fell and moorland working terrier club , good luck

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