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Thread: static build up

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    static build up

    I was just wondering If any one has had a static electricity problem with reloading equipment and if any one piece of equipment is more prone to static than any other eg powder measures and how to prevent or remove static?
    I have not had any problems my self just curious about it thats all !!


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    Anything made of plastic like funnels and power hoppers can have and hold a static charge. I have been told that you can "ground" the static away by touching metal but that hasn't worked. What does work, and is recommended by Lee reloading is to take a sink full of soapy (don't over do it!) dish water, dip the plastic part in and then let it drip dry without wiping it dry. This method does work. I use it on all new funnels and powder dippers.~Muir

    PS: If you're talking about igniting power? I haven't heard of that happening except with black powder where they warn you to use brass powder measures, etc.

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    Another solution is to wipe the plastic periodically with a tumble drier sheet as these have anti-static properties...

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    thank you both for the tip's i wil give them a try.
    will static cause a drag on the powder flow in to the charge bar so as to effect consistency of metering of the powder ?


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    It could at first but as the powder coating comes off in the tube it tends to negate the static itself. It's not something to worry about once you've been loading a bit. The static problem just naturally goes away. The dip treatment I describe is a one time shot. I especially use it on Lee powder dippers which are injection molded plactic.~Muir

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