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Thread: First fox under the lamp

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    First fox under the lamp

    After reading all the great review on the Foxpro Spitfire, I decided to purchase one off Stevenicknaks. I paid for it on Sunday and received delivery today. Great service. Naturally, i was itching to try it out so once I'd worked out how to operate it (not very long at all), I set off with my .243, Foxpro and NV monocular arrivng at the field at around 20.30 just before dark.

    I haven't shot any foxes under the lamp before. In fact, I have only ever shot one fox before when I was out stalking, but it is the kind of hunting I want to do a lot more of, especially once the stubbles are cut. There is a pheasant shoot running on one of my permissions so naturally any foxes killed would be appreciated.

    Anyway, arrived at the field which is a nice open field and has a small wood one one side of it where I know there are a few foxes. I parked the truck up on the other side of the field from the wood, walked out 100 yards and put the Foxpro down. Got myself comfortable in the truck with rifle rested on the wing mirror and started with the caller.

    First call I used was "field mouse in distress" for about ten minutes. At this stage there was still a bit of daylight left. I had a buzzard and several crows hove over the caller within minutes of switching it on. I then gave it a rest for a few minutes and swicthed to "rabbit distress" but still no fox. For the next 30 minutes, I fiddled around with several different calls (which I now realise is not the best way to use it). Once it got dark, the lamp was attached to rifle and the Yukon Ranger came out.

    I saw plenty of bunnies moving around the field with the glow of a single eye clearly visible on the NV. By this stage, I had the caller on the "rat distress" call. Just as I was debating on calling it a day or moving to another field, I look through the monocular once more and see two eyed glow heading straight for the caller. Switched the lightforce on and saw the animal come right up to the caller but I still hadn't definitely identified it as a fox - I'm sure the more experience foxing men would have known but I was being cautious, not wanting to kill someone's poor domestic moggie or dog. When it got to the caller, it turned around heading back towards the woods at which stage I could see it was mr/mrs foxy. A quck squeek through my lips and it turned round to take a second look, giving me just enough time to send a 58grain Vmax through the engine room.

    Overall, a nice productive hour and hopefully plenty more foxes will be accounted for now.

    Very impressed with the foxpro and brilliant service from our very own stevienicknacks who has now given me some good pointers on getting best use of the caller.

    Apologies for the poor picture, taken on the iphone.
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    Excellent one down, plenty to go.

    I have had some fantastic results on my last three outings, mainly coming in to the field mouse distress call, in fact I did send a little ditty to stevieknicknacs asking if I could return the fox pro as it was costing me toooooo much in ammo

    The best part of the call is that it directs the fox away from you and it does have a good effect having the fox acting naturally rather than cautious, nice tool for the job.

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    Fantastic result mate and glad you are happy with it and that I assisted in bagging your first fox under the lamp. You absolutely did the right thing there and its good to see people new to this type of shooting applying common sense and not taking that risky shot. Better that it ran off and you didn't get a shot at it than take one and kill someones pet. I'm sure as you get more opportunities you will quicker identify them as a fox but always be 100% sure. A key point as I mentioned in PM is to avoid it getting right up to the caller especially if its on quite loud, this can often spook them, I always knock it off first if its coming like a train, they soon stop and start sniffing back and too presenting you with a shot. ATB Steve

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    your hooked now !!! when you been out a few times with the lamp you will get to know them big glowing eyes but you where rigth to make 100% SURE before letting him have it

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    Nice one. Foxpro is good kit. And Steie THE man for foxpro stuff.

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    The spitfire is a great bit of kit. Mine even called in a Tawny Owl last night looking for the little rabbit in distress!

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