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Thread: Hello from Onelesscharlie

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    Hello from Onelesscharlie

    The hills of Mid Wales aren't the hottest of spots for deer however a few Roe are meandering in from the Borders, as such I thought it time to aquaint myself with the Stalking Directory.
    I shoot .223 for fox control and have a CZ550 in .243 for deer, I have also recently started reloading and have an engineering company that manufactures centrefire sound moderators as one of its products.

    Hope to learn the stalking ropes and to be a trade member on here shortly...just need to work out how to get that sorted.



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    Welcome to the site. Trade membership is easy go to the classified forum and at the top of the page is a yellow box, in that box is all you need to know, it guides you through the process, all you need is a credit card.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welome Colin, to those who don't know he makes very good moderators.

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