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Thread: Swap! Pigeon/hare shooting for foxing/stalking. Doncaster

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    Swap! Pigeon/hare shooting for foxing/stalking. Doncaster

    Hi guys, wanting to get into stalking/foxing. Problem I'm having is no land with fac. On 3 farms ATM but shotgun only.

    If anyone is interested, would be a great help! Willing to take person out on the farms I'm on which have a large amount of hares and huge numbers of pigeon to go at in return.


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    Mate dont take this the wrong way but i think you would be hard pushed for someone to take you under their wing show you stalking around doncaster just like that.
    Stalking is very hard to come by in this area dog men and deer poaching is rife, i for one wouldnt take anyone near any stalking i had unless i was 100% sure they were trust worthy (which im not saying you arn't )and would need to know a lot more about them.
    Stick with the SD and contribute and when folk get to know you and what you are about im sure people will be more accomodating.
    Good luck anyway im sure you will enjoy your outing with Y.R.S. DF

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    You don't get anything of you don't ask....

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    Quote Originally Posted by fra-mini View Post
    You don't get anything of you don't ask....
    And you often don't when you do, be prepared for some dissapointment unless you're in it for the long game.Good luck anyway.

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