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    Found this site doing a search and looks to be a good place with a lot of great info!

    I'm in the US - Michigan. Hunt birds whenever I can, but mostly whitetail deer. Lived in Texas for a while, Alaska too and hunted both. Am more an avid shooter than hunter these days because of work and the commitments one gets. Still, look forward to my days in the field as it's therapy!

    As for calibers... I hunt with several, but 30.06 is my old standby and I've dropped more deer with that than anything else. Years ago, built a "custom" 6.5 X 55 on a Swede Mauser and like that a lot too. It's a 20" barrel, shoots a Sierra 140 Gamepoint into one hole if I do my part and is quite handy.

    This past year I used an 8X57 WWII bring back that was given to me by an older gentleman and family friend. Worked up a handload with 180 gr NBTs and took a nice doe.

    That 8X57 is how I found this site. Goofing off at the office and googled "8X57 Mauser Thor's hammer" -- and among the places that came up was this site. Like I said, nice place. Think I'll hang around some later. Been goofing off now for an hour or more... time to get back to work!

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    Welcome Shootr

    Nice to have some more guys from over the pond on here.

    Best rgds


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    Thx. Looking forward to learning a few things and making some new acquaintances.

    Don't know much about hunting, gun laws, regs and such on your side but interested!

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    Welcome aboard shootr

    This is a great site with lots of interesting posts and members, I hope you enjoy learning from them as much as I do.

    One thing I do know - its a lot harder to get into hunting here than in the States, getting a Firearm Certificate can be a problem and of course there isn't as much land!



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    Welcome to SD shootr. A few years back I spent some time working with a company in Ann Arbor, bloody cold in Michigan in February.


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    Well then, I'm just east of Ann Arbor in Northville... and I think it's 20 degrees F or so today. Might go to the range this afternoon if it warms up to 27 or so.

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